Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day 2011Fireworks at Darling Harbour in Sydney

Took this video clip this evening from the apartment we are staying at. It is of the Australia Day 2011 fireworks show at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday, bats, mini pizza, strange Chinese garden videos

I didn't mention it before, but those cupcakes in the post before last were because it was my birthday. I'm 33 (again). LOL  I decided to be 33 forever. I've been 33 for many years now, lol. Would you believe me if I told you I was 33? I thought I could get away with that age, so that is why I picked 33 to stay at. download olymp trade pc

We did many things in one evening. and here or some photos and a couple videos from that night. Seems like we are that way. Either we do nothing, or we do a lot of stuff in a day, or one evening in this case.

We went to this area since actually we had dinner the night before with friends at a Vietnamese restaurant in that area and Sakie forgot her "My Hashi" (her chop sticks she brings with her to use at restaurants) so we had to go back there to get them the following day (this day in this post).

In the window of this building we were standing at while waiting for the light to change I noticed that one of the businesses in that building was "Bizarre Hair Management"?! I guess it is a salon for people who have really strange hairdos? Or whose hair is so strange that only these people can manage it? trading olymp trade

I am still impressed with how many really old houses remain in Sydney. I am talking about houses that are a hundred or more years old. Many of them have balconies with ornate iron work, that remind me of old houses in New Orleans. olymp trade sign in
This house is sitting right on top of the bedrock which sticks up way above the ground.

Sydney has been so nice and comfortable. Not too hot for summer. I could get used to living here in the summer. Is must more comfortable than Tokyo in the summer.

For dinner, we wet to a pizza place in Sydney in the area where you start going to wither King's cross or Oxford Street. I forgot what that area is called in Sydney. The place was called Bar Reggio.

Sakie and I had been there one time before when one of our friends in Sydney (Kaoru) had her birthday a few months ago when we stayed in Sydney the first time and we were invited to her birthday party here. That time, we all sat in the open courtyard in the back of the restaurant.

That area of Sydney is where most of the gay and lesbian population hang out. Here is a lesbian couple out for a nice dinner. The reason we know that, is that after I took this shot, they leaned in and had a big deep no-holds-barred kiss with each other. Must have been one of their birthdays, too  :-)
This time we sat inside the restaurant, and IT WAS LOUD!  That place always seems crowded since the pizza is good, but Sakie and I don't like loud places. I almost said to Sakie "let's leave and find a quieter place", but the waiter came to take our order and I didn't have the guts to say sorry and just leave.
So this is how we spent our time there.

There was a line of people the whole time waiting at the door to get in.
The pizza was very good, though, I must say.
Here is the one I had. Pepperoni, yea!
But it was as small as the place was loud, lol.
Look!  I took this photo so you could see how small it was. It was the smallest pizza I've ever had in a restaurant. In Japan, you expect small portions for everything, but I could eat one "slice" almost in one bite with my fork.
Needless to say, I was still hungry after leaving the restaurant. We didn't want to order more since it was so loud there and we wanted to leave.
Sakie finally found a post box to drop in a post card. This one I can see has a photo of Uluru (Ayer's Rock) on it. If you look back a few months ago on our blog. We had a post about our trip there. It was wonderful. We both really liked the dessert there.
If you have not seen that post about our trip to the Australian dessert, the link is here:

When we were walking back to the middle of the CBD, we saw this place. "Internet! Massage"?!
How can you have a massage through the internet? Or do you surf the web at a computer while someone is giving you a shoulder massage standing behind you? 
Actually, it is just a place where they had computers lined up so you can surf the web, and then farther back in the shop where chairs where you could get a massage. Kind of a strange combination for one shop, right? There were no customers in there when we walked past. Just a couple of Chinese girls sitting there looking bored waiting for customers.

Sydney CBD silhouette at twilight.
We looked up into the twilight sky and saw a bunch of birds migrating somewhere. You can see some in the photo above as black specs in the distant sky.

Then we looked some more.

And looked some more since the birds kind of flew funny, and the loud screech they were making sounded weird.
See the outline right next to Sydney Tower? Remind you of any super hero's symbol?

Yes, that is right. They were bats! Dozens and dozens of bats, who every evening migrate from the Botanical gardens next to the Opera House over to who knows where in a different part of Sydney.
Here is a super super infrared photo of one of the trees in that park. See the black thing in the center? That is a bat.
And not just a cute little bat. These were dozens and dozens of bats. Not just bats; big ass bats. Big enough to eat your Chihuahua size bats, lol. And not just bug ass bats,  but LOUD big ass bats. Their screeching was scary itself. Sakie was worried one of them were going to land on her. :-)

Anyway, they were interesting but it was very creepy to walk through the park with them crawling upside down through the branches in the trees above you.

With all the bats flying around this church, you felt like you were in some Dracula movie, lol

Since it was hard to photograph the bats, I took a movie!

But the ornamental gardens in the park were nice and took your mid off the bats.

We next stopped by a grocery store since Sakie wanted to get a couple of things and I saw this big display of Vegemite. I don't like it, but many Australians do. I guess one reason is on the label right below Vegemite, it says: "CONCENTRATED YEAST EXTRACT".  Hmmm, concentrated yeast extract? Sounds like something that you pick out from behind your big toe nail. Yuck.   ;-)

They also like beets here. When I've had a hamburger, I was surprised that they put a slice of beet on it, like we would put a slice of onion. I didn't notice that at first, so when I saw the blood looking liquid dripping out of my hamburger, I thought it was blood and that my hamburger was not cooked enough, lol.
We next went to a park that is near Darling Harbor. The Moscow Circus is in town and had their tents setup in the middle of the park.
They have a big Ferris Wheel in the park, too.
Also in that park, they have a very nice Chinese garden. Currently, they have a special art installation going in that garden where they invited a bunch of British visual and sound artists to make create that installation in the garden at night called "Power Plant at darling Habour". It was very strange and very interesting. 

If you are in Sydney and want to see it, ticket are $15 and it runs until the end of January and is from 8:45pm to 10:15pm each night.

these glass bells hanging in the trees had little vibrators hanging next to them so it make a kind of alarm bel type of sound.

They had this big area which strips of plastic I guess with a pattern being projected on them.
The disco mirror ball hanging from the tree in the middle of a traditional Chinese garden was funny but interesting.
These lamps are actually dresses with lights in them. Creepy.
The Ferris Wheel in the background.

Disco ball in the trees again
I thought the reflection of the wheel in the lake was nice
These are little pinwheels with lights that they sometimes sell outside of festivals or sportig events. But they used dozens and dozens of them here.
I thought this photo turned out pretty well.
this was a blurry photo from me moving the camera by mistake, but as a abstract photo, it is still nice.
In another park of the park, they installed gas flame thingies that blow balls of fire out from the water. It was cool.

It is hard to describe these things, so again I took a couple of videos to show you.

And another one of the same lake.

Finally, on the way back to the apartment, we saw the beautiful full moon.