Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random pics around Sydney since I'm too busy to organize them

Hi. Haven't posted in some days. I've been so busy with work. Will fly to Singapore Friday and spend a few days there and then fly back to Japan next Wednesday. Then have to start getting ready to move to Singapore to live, which will probably happen the middle of March.

This will probably end up being a long post with random photos, since I don't have time to properly organize posts and separate them all out into separate posts. But I'm sure our hard core fans will be willing to wade through a long post, right?  ;-)

We stopped by a morning market near King's Cross in Sydney. I liked the guy on the bench playing Spanish guitar. Sakie dropped a bottle of olive oil she just bought and so went back to buy another and as you can hear at the end of this video, the guy gave her another one for half price which was nice of him.

Another video I thought I'd put at the top even though the other photos from there are farther below. This is a video clip from the ferry we took from Circular Quay  to Manley Beach one evening.

The next couple are from Chinatown.

Saw this t-shirt and had to laugh.
Town Hall
Queen Victoria Building
Took the train to Windsor, which is a town farther inland from Sydney. We thought it would be quaint village with a lot of antique stores to look at. Turned out to only have one antique store now. At the station, saw this "Kiss ad Ride" sign. Though it was some sort of strange sexual favor for transportation scheme they have here. Turns out it just means someone drops you off at the station, you give them a peck on the cheek goodbye and the head for the train. ;-)
Had some nice flowers in the lake in the town park, though.
Sign says "High Pedestrian Activity", but Sakie and I were the only ones on the street. the town was pretty dead.
Found the one and only antique store left in town. Sakie is trying on an antique choker. Apparently there used to be close to 20 antique stores in this town but because the store owners kept retiring as they got too old and because of the bad economy, only this one left.
A couple of photos of other stuff in that antique shop.

Speaking of antiques, we went to the Power House Museum in Sydney and saw this doll house. It is the largest one I've ever seen. It is something like 2 meters tall.Here you can see a few of the rooms in that doll house. Each room is furnished elegantly like a Victorian home.

Don't know that many brides willing to carry a melting bouquet of icecream instead of flowers at her wedding, but hey, some people just love ice cream that much, lol.
Neckace Sakie made recently before this trip.
And a bracelet she made as well.
This chicken looks pretty happy for one walking around on legs that have been deep-fried to the bon (or maybe is just in a state of shock)

Back to Central Station in Sydney.

Bondi Beach at sunset

Sakie on Bondi Beach

Back in Sydney at King's Cross.
 The famous Coke sign there.
King's Cross is the seedier part of town.Los of strip clubs, etc., but trendier restaurants, etc are moving in more and more to change the image a little.
Here's some of what we had for dinner at one of the trendy restaurants there.

And gelato for dessert.
A couple of funny t-shirts seen in shops there.
I laughed really loud when I saw this one.

The next day near the Paddington Market area.
Here is a dress Sakie got on sake. Lots of Sumner sales in Australia now..
At lunch here she is holding up her tenugui of the day.
Wearing her heart sunglasses with her heart necklace she made recetly.
Some felt cats she liked.

Paddington Market is another weekend market.

I thought it was funny that they had to put a sign saying "Please don't eat the display".
Looks pretty good and healthy.
This one looked pretty good, too.

Back to downtown Sydney.
Chinatown again.

Believe it or not. In the serviced apartment we're staying in they have a gym and this pool. At some laces in the pool, there are windows looking down at the floor below. Here is Sakie swimming and me running out below to take a photo of her.

 Here's another shot where you can see more of the ceiling that is the floor of the pool above.
And here you can see better what the floor below looks like.

Sakie looking a a bag that has a design of a bag on it, if you get what I mean.

This time, we took a ferry to Manley Beach from Circular Quay. The sky was beautiful.
Here you can see the mouth of Sydney Harbour
Manley Beach. I didn't any good photos of it though that day.
The view of the Opera House from the ferry on the way back
Ok, I can't stay awake any longer tonight and have work tomorrow, so will have to stop here (well, I'm sure you'll agree this post is way too long already. 

I'll probably do one more post on Australia before we leave of our trip to the Blue Mountains. Hope you have liked these photos and the videos.
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