Dine and Drink Places in the Heart of KL

Best Restaurants & Bars in KL

KL City, Malaysia is considered the home of modern citizens. In this particular area, you can also find a number of award-winning fine dining restaurant offering diversely delightful dining experience. Here are some of the most famous top-notch restaurants in KL City.

Marini’s on 57

Best Italian Restaurant in KL

Marini’s on 57 never was like any other restaurant & bar you could find in KL, especially given it has the highest rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur, while at the same time, being the best Italian restaurant in KL that you can find. While experiencing and enjoying the picturesque view of Kl, you can actually enjoy a wide range of delicious Italian delicacies too, from the antipasti to pasta and fresh seafood is flown from Italy. In the whisky & cigar lounge, you could immerse in the old-world Italian charm and take pleasure in an extraordinary line of imported cigars and whisky.

Visit Marini’s on 57 official website here: https://marinis57.com/

Marble 8

Best Steakhouse in KL

Marble 8 is known as a stylish steakhouse that is definitely proved to be a haven for steak lovers in Kl City. To be found in Menara KLCC, Marble 8 serves the finest Angus and Wagyu beef which is supplied by the Menegazzo family in Queensland, Australia. Patrons can savor the delicious mouthwatering meal while relaxing on the plush leather sofa and tune in to instrumental music while being surrounded by a magnificent interior decorating.

Troika Sky Dining

Best Restaurants in KL

Another choice for sky dining in Kuala Lumpur is at the Troika. Situated in Level 23A, Tower B, the area actually has 5 different branches of restaurants & bars to see. In Cantaloupe, you will enjoy fine dining, whereas, in Strato, you can actually delight in delicious Italian dishes. Meanwhile, Fuego is known for a great diversity of South American menus to pick out from. For anybody who is up to get a drink, then you may either head over to Coppersmith, the cocktail bar, or Claret, the wine bar.

Thirty8 KL

Best Restaurants in KL

Thirty8 KL is furthermore another high-rated restaurant one can find, and it is particularly perfectly located on the 38th floor of Grand Hyatt Hotel. The simple reason why this restaurant is featured on this list is basically that Thirty8 can offer an enjoyable dining experience with quite a few menus options to select from. Consequently Western, Chinese, or even Japanese cuisine, the kitchen offers delicious food you will enjoy in an urban setting having a panoramic view of the Kl city skyline.

Enak KL

Best Restaurants in KL

Enak Restaurant is most likely the luxurious restaurant located on the lower bottom floor of Starhill Gallery Mall in Bukit Bintang that ultimately represents the extraordinary taste of Malaysian local dishes. Made from traditional family recipes, Enak KL gives a big variety of local menus with the main theme of spicy Malay treats. Their Balinese-themed interior provides you with a great experience of the Malayan-Java culture whilst you relish the delicious meals.

Celestial Court

Best Restaurants in KL

If you’re looking for an incomparable dining experience with a changed imperial interior decoration as the surrounding, then you need to view the Celestial Court at Sheraton Imperial Hotel. Here, you may choose a range of halal Cantonese menus to test out, for example, their signature menu, the Cantonese roasted duck. To people in need of a more private spot to dine, the place provides dedicated rooms which might be perfect either for business meetings or a romantic dinner.

Maison Francaise

Best Restaurants in KL

Maison Francaise serves as a restaurant that serves one of the several finest French cuisines in Kl City. You’ll be able to identify the three-story mansion once you arrive when you see a timeless Rolls Royce parked in the driveway. But, their main attraction is actually on the cuisine, as they simply serve exquisite appetizers, heavy menus, and additionally desserts. This restaurant will also be a good choice if you’re searching to enjoy a high tea for business and leisure.

Each restaurant and bar selected to get featured on our list has been tried and tested, and they’ve all provided us with an extraordinary dining experience. So, you should make a reservation at any one of these places, because we want you to experience the same exquisite experience we had.