The 3 Main Low-Cost Airlines in Malaysia

Budget Airlines in Malaysia

In the airline industry today, we’ve seen a shift in power with low-cost carriers gradually having a bigger stake of the market from the legacy carriers. As serious amounts of time technology has helped to introduce cost cutting techniques such as flying newer plus much more fuel-efficient planes that might go further without typical refueling, shorter trip turnarouds to capitalise on flying time, deciding on cheaper airports in big cities as opposed to the main hub, hiring younger members of staff offering lower pay and becoming digital savvy by selling airfare tickets straight to consumers online are just some of the examples that permit low-cost carriers to challenge the big players.

Firefly Airlines

The truly amazing Malaysian airline and part of Malaysian Airlines is Firefly. Firefly is now offering affordable flights to a number of beautiful places. You are able to find cheap flights to Singapore, Alor Setar, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Phuket plus more. Firefly’s main hubs can be found at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport and Penang Airport.

Cheap Flight to Singapore & More with Firefly

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This airline does not only put cost as the priority, mainly because they understand that safety is definitely above else. That being said, Firefly had also partnered with one of the main insurance agencies in Malaysia, AIG, to deliver exclusive travel insurance package to their customers in ensuring that they could travel having comfort.

Malindo Airways

Malindo Air, a Malaysian airline that derived its name from a long-established association between Malaysia and Indonesia. Their company slogan says the whole thing: “Smarter way to travel”. This low budget airline flies to 44 destinations including Indonesia, Nepal, China and Australia and is a good option to secure a cheap flight ticket.

Budget Airlines in Malaysia

Do you reckon a small airline provides less comfort? Malindo Air proves you wrong! With larger seats, USB plugs and seat-back entertainment screens for all, they make sure that you will enjoy your flight in comfort. Want to make sure you soar completely carefree? Malindo Air offers travel insurance with they insurance provider, Chubb. Chubb covers most unanticipated expenses which may occur throughout your travel.

AirAsia Airlines

AirAsia is really a low-cost airline and the brainchild of Tony Fernandes. This airline happens to be synonymous with their tagline “Now Everyone Can Fly”. Interestingly, the corporation models itself following on from the famous Virgin Airlines. AirAsia featuring the largest fleet and network in Malaysia, and they fly to Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and also to the United States Of America!

Budget Airlines in Malaysia

Airasia was cited on numerous occasions through the New York Times as being the “Pioneer of Low Cost Travel in Asia”. Once in a while, Air Asia will unveil special air ticket prices in flash sales. You will have to grab them quick or they shall be gone very quickly. This can be very good news in case you desires to travel around Malaysia but doesn’t want burning a hole inside of their wallet.

The greatest thing about these affordable airlines is really because they have interesting promotion while offering to seize, with attractive cheap prices for your favourite destination. Just be sure you remain updated by following them on web sites too, perhaps you might find yourself making your way to cool spots for insanely low fare!